Satellite Studio also provides many video production services. From capture to delivery we can make your project a reality.

Most often we shoot with RED cameras, but have Canon DSLRs, GoPros and other options as the project requires. Our collection of lenses also gives you a whole other range of creative possibilities. In addition we have a great set of heat-free lights, including video LEDs and Fluorescents. All of these can be used on location for projects like commercials, interviews, and even live performance recordings.

In addition our main studio cutting room doubles as a white and green screen studio. Full body shots are possible, and the lighting is complete. We have incorporated LiveStream(tm) technology allowing you to create a live webcast on the spot. Both in the studio and out on location Satellite Studio handles all the audio, giving your project access to all of our great sound tools. Want to broadcast a live show from the studio or your next gig? No problem.

In the loft you will find our editing suite, comfortable and cozy. Using a dual monitor set up with a separate color corrected reference panel, we will handle all the editing, graphics, media management, and color correction for you. We primarily work in FCPx, but have Adobe tools should your project require them. And last but not least, we know how to output your work the right way. In the complicated world of digital media, we’ll make sure your project looks good across multiple delivery platforms.

You can do a lot with a little, and with our small team we get big results.