Johnny Nicholas and Hell Bent

Today Bruce Hughes and I mixed  5 songs for an upcoming Johnny Nicholas video release. Recorded at the Saxon Pub by Bill Johnson, the tracks include: “Don’t Say I Never Told You So”, “Hell Bent” and “Roads on Fire”. Hell Bent is Johnny’s new band. Consisting of Bruce Hughes on Bass, John Chipman on Drums,…

Weeping Buddhas

This month we are recording the new Weeping Buddhas album. Bruce Hughes is producing this dynamic duo made up of Dave Glassco and Marc Schaefgen. I am the engineer and John Chipman and Phil Bass will be playing drums.  

2012 Video Productions

2012 has been a great year for video production at Satellite Studio.  We just wrapped up producing our first season of Mix Down, and are really looking forward to shooting season 2 now that we (kind of) know what we’re doing.  Mix Down is look into the world of studio recording, and will give tips…