AMF Mastering Panel

Last Wednesday night I got to sit down with Jerry Tubb, Dave McNair, Jim Wilson and Mark Hallman to discuss the art of mastering. I don’t get to see these guys very often since we are all very busy. Stuart Sullivan moderated the event and added the some fine points about how he chooses a…

End of an Era…

How long is an Era anyway? I’ve been working with Jim Scarborough on his new record for the better part of three years. He is a great friend of the studio and one hell of a salesman for KUT radio. One of Austin’s oldest and most respected indie stations.   His album will feature some…

Reggie and Mello

This week we had Reggie Watkins  in the studio to work on his newest solo venture. Carmello Torres, master of all things percussion, finished out the recordings with his usual flair. The record features many A list players and should be available later this year.   ~M~   Reggie and Mello Video