Satellite Studio is designed to be a comfortable environment where artists can bring their musical ideas to life. We’ve gathered together some of the best vintage gear ever made in a relaxed, comfortable space designed to help artists be creative.

You will find a classic Neve BCM10 sitting beside an Avid S3 digital controller in our mixing desk, denoting the merging of old and new. We have selected some the best classic microphones and outboard gear ever made, along with the modern digital tools that make recording and producing more fluid.

The back wall of the control room houses a modest array of guitars, a compliment of essential vintage guitar amplifiers line the wall of our cutting room, and the live room boasts an amazing collection of classic keyboards. The studio also has three full house drum sets, an extensive percussion collection, and lots of weird little things that make noise. Our goal is to have as many of the tools an artist needs right here, ready to play.

On the digital side of the studio we work with both ProTools and Logic Pro X, but can accommodate any DAW needs. Our plugins include the Waves Mercury package, a UAD catalog with a quad core card, Melodyne for tuning, and a ridiculously long list of other tools. The studio also has an extensive collection of virtual instruments including many of the Arturia, Native Instuments, and Avid collections.

Our philosophy is simple, create a great studio that is comfortable and relaxed, while always achieving a professional result. This means our gear is meticulously maintained and works when you need it to. Plus we know how to handle your digital data, making sure your project is safe and ready for modern distribution.

Drop us a line and we’ll give you a tour.