Get Miro Video Screen Shot

For the release of Miro 4 the Participatory Culture Foundation wanted to create a brief overview video, along with nine how-to shorts. The overview would include two interviews on green screen, and all the videos would need motion graphics. Because of the need to use the final release version for screen captures, we only had about a week to get it all done. It turned out to be the perfect project to take our recently completed new system out for a spin.

Using our new LED lights made the interviews go quickly and smoothly. The complete lack of heat generation made the talent feel more comfortable, and eliminated the need for constant breaks. And with the direct, uncompressed HDMI capture, we were able to pull the green screen matte with ease. This made the edit a breeze, giving us time to fine tune the cuts and work with motion graphics.

Since its release on GetMiro the video has been viewed over 25,000 times, and on every continent except Antarctica. Its exciting to see the global reach small video productions can now have.

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