Mastering is a critical juncture in any recording project, the last chance to set the overall balance of color and dynamic range. It’s the process that gives the project it’s overall sound and cohesion.

Satellite Studio offers a brilliantly designed listening environment, with an extensive collection of classic and modern gear. Having access to some of the best analog gear ever made, along with the high def digital tools you need makes the studio the perfect place to finish your project.

As a mastering engineer Matthew D. Shultz started out with the venerable Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio. Matt spent nine years with Jerry and then went on to work in Portland, Oregon and then Chicago; where he was the head mastering engineer at Chicago Recording Company.

All through Matt’s 20+ year career he has split his time between mastering, and the recording and mixing of music. This has given him a distinct perspective and a very holistic approach to mastering.


“I’m always striving to hear the path that the mixing engineer has chosen for the song. Then take it to the next level.”

We aim to give our customers exactly what they want. It’s our goal to develop long term relationships with our clients, so we use a set rate per song and allow for three free re-masters per song. Most clients love our first master, but we offer the re-masters to address any requested changes. This is designed to facilitate the client being totally satisfied, while respecting the flat rate. We want to leave you loving your final master.



Bruce Hughes | Producer & Musician

Mastering audio is a dark and critical art.
Preparing final mixes to become a finished sequenced master for reproduction requires well trained ears, years of recording experience, enthusiasm, attention to detail and a working knowledge of the tools of the trade.
Matt Shultz has all of these in spades.
I’ve been working with Matt since his days as Jerry Tubb’s 2nd engineer at Terranova Mastering in the 90‘s. He has expertly mastered 20+ records I’ve been involved with.
I’ve worked with some of the top mastering engineers in the world – Bob Ludwig, Bernie Grundman, Eddy Schreyer, Ted Jensen, Dave McNair…
Matt Shultz is on my short list of dependable production engineers that can transform a collection of good mixes into a great album.

Stuart Sullivan | Engineer & Producer

I have know and worked with Matt Shultz for over 20 years. I’ve seen and heard him record, mix and master music of many different styles and he always makes it work beautifully.  Matt brings the understanding and sensitivity only a life-long musician can produce. He has mastered Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Punk, Jazz and Weird music for me over the years and has consistently made every record much, much better than when it came to him. The few times I’ve asked to alter something, he has been extremely easy to approach and easy to communicate with. He has really raised the bar for quality mastering in Texas and beyond…and all this without being a dick (yet). Whether you want a light hand or multi-band surgical precision Matt seems totally at ease with your approach. I really have a hard time recommending him highly enough. The tools he has at his disposal combined with his experience in all phases of recording makes Matt the easy choice for my projects.

J. Morris | Engineer & Producer

Satellite Studio is hands down my go to facility for Mastering. Matt Shultz is a killer engineer with a great ear and extraordinary gift for attention to detail. His turnaround time is insanely fast too, and his desire to provide the perfect master individually tailored to the record’s vibe is something I rarely experience with other Mastering Engineers. He’s a real joy to work with!

Jayson Altman | Drummer | Young Heart Attack, Roky Erickson, Chrysta Bell

Satellite Studio is the perfect mix of classic vintage, new gear, vibe and taste. Mastering, tracking or mixing you know it will be done right and sound amazing with Matt Shultz at the helm. It’s like you’ve died and gone to audiophile heaven.

Barrett Walton | Engineer & Producer

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to use my regular mastering engineer on the Tinnarose record. Enter Matt Shultz and Dave Glassco at Satellite Studio – they were wonderful to work with. I like some pretty strange sounds and Matt was great about working with me on this eclectic record. I really appreciated his genuine enthusiasm as well. It was a pleasure to work with Matt and Dave and I’m very proud of the way this record turned out.

Steven Vague | Saxophone & Flute | Baker’s Dozen, Los Jazz Vatos, Solo Artist

My experience at Satellite Studios was amazing. I felt so at home and so relaxed. Everything was just EASY. And Matt is totally on top of things – he often knew what I wanted before I even finished asking for it. I’m extremely proud of the work he engineered. I didn’t know I could sound that good!

Matt the Electrician | Singer/Songwriter

Working with Matt Shultz is easy, fast and professional. He’s also the only mastering engineer who has been able to explain to me what mastering is to begin with, and I felt like I kind of understood.

Paul Frederick Whitman III | Singer/Songwriter

Matt has such an ear for artistry and subtlety. He worked on my previous bands self titled ep, Forward! Empire.Mastering it to the highest levels of refinement.