I have know and worked with Matt Shultz for over 20 years. I’ve seen and heard him record, mix and master music of many different styles and he always makes it work beautifully. Matt brings the understanding and sensitivity only a life-long musician can produce. He has mastered Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Punk, Jazz and Weird music for me over the years and has consistently made every record much, much better than when it came to him. The few times I’ve asked to alter something, he has been extremely easy to approach and easy to communicate with. He has really raised the bar for quality mastering in Texas and beyond…and all this without being a dick (yet). Whether you want a light hand or multi-band surgical precision Matt seems totally at ease with your approach. I really have a hard time recommending him highly enough. The tools he has at his disposal combined with his experience in all phases of recording makes Matt the easy choice for my projects.
– Stuart Sullivan, Wire Recording

Satellite Studio has the perfect combination of bad-ass vintage gear coupled with the latest in digital software. For us it was an ideal place to record our debut album. The staff is amazing! They have a wealth of knowledge, which we found increasingly useful as we tracked, mixed and mastered the entire album there. Getting the best sounds possible is always a high priority for any artist, and we found it to be very quick and easy at Satellite Studio. On top of that, it’s a very comfortable place to hang out and be creative. They have a killer collection of vintage amps, pedals, keyboards and percussion; your only limit is your imagination. It’s the place to record when you really have something to say.
– Motel Aviv