Tucked away just south of downtown in Austin TX, Satellite Studio is one of a new breed of hybrid studios. Owner Dave Glassco wanted to create a space where both traditional music recording, and other types of new media could all be produced.  With two cutting rooms and separate editing suites, the studio can be recording an artist, creating a video, and streaming a live webcast all at the same time.

The centerpiece of the studio is the Neve BCM-10 console. Ten channels of classic Neve pre amps and EQs are utilized during the recording and mixing phases. All of the studio’s analogue goodness is routed through a Burl Mothership 24×24 AD/DA into Pro Tools HDX. More plug-ins than you can imagine, a UAD Octo, and some insert effects on the digital side of your mix. The BCM-10 and a respectable array of outboard gear on the analogue side of your mix. Analogue / Digital hybrid at its finest in a comfortable space that is pleasant to work in. If you like to fiddle with sliders and knobs we utilize an Avid S3 digital control surface to scratch that itch.

Around the studio you will find such vintage gear as Pultech EQs,  API Pres and EQs, EMI and Fairchild compressors, plus other classic pieces.  The microphone closet includes a Telefunken Elam 251, AKG C24, and a Neumann U47, often considered the holy trinity of vocal mics. Along with the essentials the studio keeps a collection of vintage amps, guitars, keyboards and well kept drum sets. We want to have as many ways as possible to make great music here in the studio, ready to go for the artist.

In addition to being a great place to record music, Satellite Studio also offers video production services.  Using green screens, compact remote shooting rigs, and the latest digital video production tools the studio has already completed several music videos, plus shot and edited political pieces. Multiple types of camera’s, lighting rigs, diffusors, and assorted video equipment can be found in our closets. In addition to traditional digital video editing, we also utilize the LiveStream(tm) video editing system to provide our artists with as many options as we can.

Satellite Studio believes that small groups of people can do great things.  With our design and web partners we are even able to help our clients with the next steps, making sure they are in good hands.  It is a new media world.  Artists and Producers have unprecedented power at their fingertips to create new media, and reach their audience directly.

And Satellite Studio is designed to facilitate just that…