2012 has been a great year for video production at Satellite Studio.  We just wrapped up producing our first season of Mix Down, and are really looking forward to shooting season 2 now that we (kind of) know what we’re doing.  Mix Down is look into the world of studio recording, and will give tips and advice on the art of recording.  In the first four episodes Matt and Bruce build a piece of music, focusing on a single part in each episode.  The final episode chronicles our trip to Dallas to visit an enormous drum collection.

Here you see Matt prepping to shoot our intros, along with our new RED camera and great LED light panels.


We also had a great time producing our first political ad, a great 3 minute piece put out by Progress Texas that highlights the effect state budget cuts will have on football programs.  We shot actor Aaron Spivey-Sorrells from the show Friday Night Lights telling his story of how football changed his life in front of our white screen, and then edited and assembled the final piece. Satellite Studio was able to handle the complete production. The shooting, editing, original music, color correction, and final export was all handled in house.  And it was completed in less than 48 hours, proving how a small media studio can produce big results quickly.

You can see the video at savetexasfootball.com.